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de la Terre Bakery

Weekly Vendor

de la terre specializes in organic artisan breads and pastries made in-house in Vineland Ontario.

Chef Jan Campbell-Luxton, owner and proprietor, has worked in professional kitchens in Canada and internationally since 1996. He trained at the Stratford Chefs School, then stayed on for several years there as a teacher. The philosophy of de la terre stems from his undergraduate honours degree in international development studies (Trent University). Chef Campbell-Luxton lives in St. Catharines with his partner Kate and their two sons, Joshua and Simon.

de la terre is deeply committed to foregrounding locally produced foods and their producers, as well as encouraging consumer support of organic and sustainable agricultural practices. In this spirit, they use biodegradable and compostable take-out containers, cutlery, and napkins. They purchase our flour and produce from small independent farmers wherever possible.


Website: http://www.delaterre.ca

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/delaterrebakery/