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Gibbs Honey

Visiting Vendor

Gibbs Honey in Dundas, Ontario is operated by Russell Gibbs, a 4th generation beekeeper and graphic designer. Russell got into beekeeping, while searching for a deeper connection to his family history and nature. It all started when his Dad gave him his old beekeeping veil and a copy of “The Hive and the Honey Bee” by L.L. Langstroth.

After reading lots of other books, taking courses and finding a beekeeping mentor he decided to go out on his own. Russell kept two hives in 2011, expanded to 8 for the 2012 season and has since been able to double from there.

Russell is also teaching beekeeping at the Dundas Valley Montessori School, they are sponsoring a hive in his beeyard and he will be co-managing the hive with the 7/8 class.


Gibbs has honey schedule — good until the honey runs out!:

July 31
August 7
August 21

Web: http://www.gibbshoney.com/
Twitter: gibbshoney
Instagram: russellgibbs