* Centro Farmer’s Market 2021 Season 10 Opener *

Centro Market Season 10 — COVID Opener — 7 Vendors — May 9th Mother’s Day — NEW TIME: 9am to 11pm

Dear Grain Bakery

Dear Grain is on a mission to return bread to its rightful place in our lives.

Bread once held a place at the centre of the table. It symbolized nourishment, community and connection. Today it’s mostly empty calories and cardboard crust. In essence, bread has become the final frontier in the real food movement.

At Dear Grain we’re striving to change this. We want to highlight the relationship between farmers, bakers and the broader community — to invite people to experience the range of flavours offered by different grain varietals across seasonal and regional wheats.

Our dynamic Pastry Program shares the same core values as our approach to bread. Across an exciting menu of sweet or savory offerings, we pride ourselves in making everything from scratch. From fruit to flour, we’re committed to supporting local agriculture and using only the best ingredients we can get our hands on.

We believe food can launch ideas, spark creativity and spread joy. To do so, Dear Grain pulls from the beauty of baking’s past and mixes timeless traditions with modern techniques, sustainable practices, global ingredients and untethered imagination.



Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/deargrainbakery/

Web: https://deargrain.com

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