* Centro Farmer’s Market 2021 Season 10 Opener *

Centro Market Season 10 — COVID Opener — 7 Vendors — May 9th Mother’s Day — NEW TIME: 9am to 11pm

COVID UPDATE – Mother’s Day Opener

Market Opener – Season 12 – May 14th
9am to 12pm


Update — May 6.

We’re on track for Sunday’s Mother’s Day market opener with @vandenbroekfarms and @blossom_bakery to start us off.

We’ll follow up with info on specific product from the vendors but both have been populating their websites so that you can see what they have. Both have a good selection of products. Vandenbroek will have produce as well as canning; pickled veg, jams and preserves. We recommend that you have a look at both vendors products online to familiarize yourself and come prepared in your head what you’d like. .
You can also purchase from their online and use the stop at the market as a pickup.

Here’s some additional market info:

Time: The market will run shorter hours — 9am to 11am

Vendors will take CC. No Interac.

Procedures: We are following protocols set out by levels of government. It’s all pretty much what you’d expect in terms of similar experiences to grocery. Because we have to manage market guest flow and numbers in our space, when you arrive you’ll see a market tent and table at the entrance to our parking. That will be the start for the queue for entering the market. Each guest will stop at the table for hand sanitizing — if you have your own then awesome. We ask that you are well. .
You’ll enter and head to the first vendor’s order table or on to the 2nd. They will have 2 tables in front of their booth to create separation and support an order position and a pay position. .
You’ll review what you need and order with your vendor assistant. They will bag your goods and then pass them to the payment assistant who’ll take your goods to the 2nd table where you’ll step over to. You’ll pay, sanitize your hands at the station on your table and then head over to the next vendor when the space is free or you’ll head on out.

This is going to feel like your first awkward school dance but things will get better.

Safety: The vendors are following hand washing protocols and they will only attend if they are well. The Centro Shop is still closed to guests as the team shifts gears to being open again, so there is no washroom for guests at this time.

Ok that’s enough seriousness for now. Cheers!

Update May 2.

Hi market friends.

Good news! A couple of our longest participating vendors are ready to attend the Market starting Mother’s Day May 10th.

The Vandenbroek Farm family as well as Blossom Bakery family will be setting up for a shortened period from 9 to 11. @vandenbroekfamilyfarm is a local grower of an extensive selection of seasonal vegetables and fruit grown in greenhouse and field. And @blossom_bakery makes a variety of flatbread pizzas, vegan cheeses, baked goods and pies.

As you have heard in the news, the Government is encouraging certain sectors of business to open. And with that there will be a new approach to safety that all businesses, including the market, will need to adopt as well as invent and refine.

What this means to you is that though there is no market playbook to follow, you can be assured that the vendors will do what they can to make sure that the setup will be safe for all in addition to us working to make the flow as efficient as possible.

The goal is that vendors will have the ability for you to purchase using a Tap or Swipe. Vendors also hope to allow you to purchase ahead of time and then pick up your pre-paid order at the market.

We hope this will be a good first step to getting the Centro market going again and with your show of support to your farmer friends, it will send a positive message to all our vendors that you are ready to come out for a market. Beyond our little corner of the world, your support will show the greater community that markets are still an important part of a healthy lifestyle and are important to you for access to local food.

So please mark your calendars and stay tuned for more details as we receive them. We will update you on vendor websites for expected product mix, payment options, as well as what the flow of the market might look like so as to avoid confusion on Sunday.

Cheers! We miss you all. ❤️

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